March 23, 2012

A Film By: Stephan Berwick

Including music and an appearance from Lou Reed

Featured at The New Filmmakers Fest & The Anthology Film Archives

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The Final Weapon takes viewers through the fast-moving odyssey of an aging warrior making a fatal choice upon his last battle. With Lou Reed appearing as 'The Holder' of the Final Weapon's secret verse and famed Taijiquan master, Ren Guangyi as 'Holder 1', the fast-moving film short is fueled by a stirring use of vintage music by Reed. Also starring Michael Woods, one of Hong Kong's most beloved film nemeses from the 1980s through the early 1990s. Woods came out of film retirement specifically to star as 'Protector 1'.

The Final Weapon is a 15 minute action drama about holding, passing, using, and protecting an ancient form of martial art that when employed, renders the user invincible for 20 minutes, after which he/she dies. Thus the film explores the question of who is more important - those who are given the fatal responsibility to use overwhelming power or those given the task of protecting it. Final Weapon offers a poetic expression of universal themes with diverse characters and a textured story that dramatizes the fatality and vitality that comes with truly determining ones own fate.

Inspired by the reality of weapons of mass destruction, Final Weapon brings to life the idea that there are those given the responsibility to use weapons such as nukes and those tasked with protecting such weapons. The question suggested by the film, in the context of martial arts, is who is more important - those who use such weapons or those who protect the weapons?

The Final Weapon was written and directed by Stephan Berwick, a Western pioneer of mainland China martial arts, who was an early 'foreign' actor in the Hong Kong action film renaissance of the 1980s, under the famed director, Yuen Woping and action star Donnie Yen. Berwick performed in memorable films, such as 'Tiger Cage' and the 'In the Line of Duty' series. The Final Weapon is his film and music directorial debut.

The Final Weapon was shot and edited in Minnesota and Wisconsin, in high definition, with a highly experienced and talented crew from the Twin Cities. The film was produced by Berwick and Jose Figueroa, in association with MInnesota-based production houses, Restraining Hollywood, Rolen Motion Pictures, and 185 Media. Sampson Rolen edited and colorized the film, the director of photography was Sam Fischer, and the make-up artist was Laura Hart, with costume advisory provided by Hollywood costume designer, Donna Berwick, who last designed the costumes for Spike Lee's 'Inside Man'.